Our Approach

How We Define Successful Trading

The statistics around trading are clear. Most people (90%+) who trade in the markets lose money. But the few people who understand what successful trading is and who figure out how to trade the markets successfully have gone on to make millions of dollars, tens of millions, or even hundreds of millions of dollars in the markets.

TOP 5-Step Plan to Successful Trading

Trading Plan

Your Trading Plan keeps you focused on doing the things each and every day that will make you money in the long run. Your trading plan needs to define how you plan to approach trading the markets in a consistent and effective way that puts the odds in your favor.

Strategic Profit Opportunities

We focus on developing powerful and innovative chart indicators to help traders identify predictive price patterns (also known as “high probability trade setups”). You need to learn to trade when the odds are in your favor, and you need to learn when to stay out of the markets during periods where you have no statistical advantage or clear insight.

Proven Trading Strategy

we focus on developing superior trading strategies that can potentially give you a huge advantage over most other traders. Most trading strategies don’t work. However, a small number of trading strategies can offer you a massive advantage when trading.

Winning Probabilities Model

Many of the top traders in the world execute their trading strategies within a probabilities model framework. What does this mean? This means keeping losing trades small and consistent and this means targeting potential huge winning trades in the markets.

Power of Compounding

The power of compounding is massive and it’s a powerful driver behind extreme account growth! If you do everything well that I’ve described above, then you will want to rely on the power of compounding to grow your account into massive wealth over time.

Risk (Embrace it & Manage it!)

At TopTradeTools, we don’t downplay risk… we seek to understand it and manage it. Our motto about trading risk is “Understand it, embrace it, and work to manage it.” Risk doesn’t have to be a four-letter word in the trading world.

Disclaimer: There is a risk of loss when trading and past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. View Risk Disclaimer

Expectations (Be Realistic!)

One of the biggest reasons why most people lose money trading is that they have unrealistic expectations. In addition, most traders don’t understand what trading is and they don’t understand what you have to do to become a successful trader.

Investment in TOP Trading Tools

Our specialty at TopTradeTools is working to develop superior trading indicators to predict or forecast market moves and working to develop superior trading strategies you can use to potentially profit from market moves. We work to provide these tools at very competitive prices

Investment in TOP Research
& Education (Mentorship)

Our membership is designed to provide powerful, timely research and education for traders who aspire to trade for a living or become professional traders. Our professional research and powerful hedge fund scanners are designed to identify special potential trading opportunities in the markets.

Welcome to TopTradeTools

We believe that our plan on how to approach trading the markets is a superior trading plan. We welcome you to TopTradeTools and look forward to helping you reach your trading goals.

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